Hotel-Pak Gold Spice Company was founded by Brian Clarke in 1996.

 It originated as wholesale only company, with a direct sales route

to restaurants and hotels. In 1999 the company diversified by

introducing a retail size product and the concept of private label spices.


Brian Clarke is a former Certified Executive Chef and

Certified Culinary Educator with the American Culinary Association.

He has as of this date created over 80 original rubs,

blends and seasoning mixes.

Hotel-Pak Gold now has over 60 distributors worldwide.
We also have over 500 private label customers
and our label database exceeds 5000 labels.

NEW !!!
We now offer private label clear plastic heat sealed
spice pouches. Pick any of the top selling rubs on our website.
Each pouch seasons 2 steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 pieces chicken, etc.
Great for giveaways or mailers.
Cost: .39 cents each !!!